Sunday, May 18, 2008

Holy Crap It WORKS!!!

Ok, I've deliberately tried to keep the drawing posts to a minimum but I can honestly say I'm totally blown away by the figure drawing course I bought.

For example, one thing I could never get the hang of was drawing the face in profile. I mean this is something I spent the past freaking year trying to master and could never get it right. Then I did two twenty minute lessons from this course, spent another half hour 'practicing' until I had all the rules and 'formulas' memorized and now I can draw faces in profile with confidence.

That's a years worth of reading, following tutorials and practice with no success...then getting it down pat in less than an hour and a half with this course.

Here's a video to prove it.

(At the start you can't see any of my pencil lines very well, that's not a fault with the camera... you're not meant to see them...those are very faint 'construction lines')

I apologise for the crappy picture quality. I couldn't find my camcorder, so I had to record this with my webcam.

I know that the drawing itself isn't spectacular. (What do you expect for a 6 minute sketch?) My point is that yesterday I wouldn't have been able to draw that picture one tenth as good even if I'd spent hours and hours on it. Hell, forget yesterday, I wouldn't have been able to draw this picture that well three hours ago.

Also, I tested my webcam by drawing some very faint lines and saw that they didn't show when the drawing was done I didn't bother erasing the construction lines...which of course showed up perfectly when I actually started recording. Stoopid camera.

Oh, and in case anyone's wondering the music from the clip is Jonathan Coulton's 'I Feel Fantastic', followed by the ending song from 'Portal', also by Jonathan Coulton.

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OzzyC said...

That's pretty cool!!