Monday, April 07, 2008

That's it.

Well, Sunny’s officially out of the hospital and is doing great. She’s still feeling pretty bad…but it’s the ‘Ugh, I don’t feel very well’ kinda bad…instead of “Holy shit, I think I’m going to die.” bad.

It’s some scary shit when I think about it. I honestly think that if Sunny had waited an extra day or so before going to the doctor, I’d either be planning her funeral right now, or we’d still be in hospital and Sunny would be on the transplant list.

The other thing is it highlighted just how royally screwed I’d be without Sunny. I’ve got no job, no way to get around, no way to pay the bills…basically, things need to get straight pretty damn soon or I’m just going to go nuts.

Now, normally I tend to keep personal things out of my blog, for the simple reason I don’t like to offend people or cause trouble when I don’t need to. I’ve got enough problems without creating more.

However, I’ve decided I just don’t really give a crap any more.

Like I said, I’d be screwed without Sunny. I don’t have an American drivers license, I don’t have a job and we’re living on my mother-in-law’s property…and I absolutely can’t stand it. I mean, I love my mother-in-law to death, it’s not that I don’t like living her because of her…but let’s just say I never saw myself pushing 30, jobless and being totally dependent on my wife and her family.

What really pisses me off is that despite the fact the vast majority of my in-laws are just plain awesome, there’s a couple members of my wife’s family who like talk about me behind my back and act as if I absolutely love being totally dependent on others to survive…and the only reason I’m not working right now is because I’m just ‘lazy’.

One insists the only reason I got married to Sunny was to get a Greencard, and somehow still believes this despite the fact I’ve had my greencard for nearly two years.

The other one? Well that one is just a plain gigantic thundercunt who loves to chuck rocks despite the fact she lives in a house made from paper-thin glass.

Yeah, that’s right, I love living from paycheck to paycheck, knowing that anything that takes Sunny out of work for more than a couple of weeks would leave us sitting in the dark with no food in the cupboards. I’m obviously just lazy and don’t want a job, that’s why I belong to three separate employment agencies and have sent out roughly 400 job applications over the past 18 months. It’s just a scam I’m running, I look very hard for a job in order to never find one. Course, I got my first job at 14 and was never unemployed between then and moving to America…but I’m probably just making that shit up.

One of the family members in question likes to come up with ‘solutions’ that make no absolutely no goddamned sense, and take my refusal of the dumbass schemes as evidence of my ‘laziness’. Her last great idea was to go back to college.

Of course, I can’t actually afford to go back to college, already have a Bachelors degree and three A-Levels that are the equivalent of American Associates degrees. I also already owe nearly $40,000 dollars on my student loan…so of course the answer to getting a job is to get another degree and go even further into debt. I pointed that out and the response was “Well, you owe $40,000 in England and you don’t live in England any more.”

That’s right, debt just goes away when you leave the country, right? The reason I can’t get a job is obviously because I only have four degrees instead of five!

I’ve said before, my big problem is an employer looks at my resume and thinks “I can either go to the time and expense of writing to or calling England to make sure this guy isn’t making this shit up…or I can go with the guy on the next resume who’s last employer is a local call.”

After Clay dying, Sunny being taken into hospital, having to call my parents to get enough money to pay the bills this week and having to put up with in-laws who like to look down their nose at me…I’m pretty much completely out of diplomacy, tact or suffering self righteous idiots…especially idiots who live and glass houses and are throwing fucking boulders.

Put as simply as possible, I’m a person used to plain speaking, and since I moved to America I just changed where my in-laws were concerned. Fuck being diplomatic, the next time someone decides to tell me everything I’m doing wrong, they’re just going to get told it’s none of their fucking business.

On completely the other side of the coin, I would however like to thank my sister-in-law Tee and step-daughter Julie for giving me so much help when Sunny was in hospital. Without their help I wouldn’t even have been able to visit Sunny. Love ya both.


Saffyre said...

I can only imagine how incredibly frustrating this must all be, and I suspect i'm about to find out about it soon. I actually admire that you've been able to cope this long without going completely nuts from being at home all the time.

And you're right to tell these interfering fuckwits to piss off and mind their business....!

Julie said...

I have been telling them to piss off and then try telling especially one of them in the glass house, to go outside and play hide and go fuck herself. Just ignore them and mind your own. At least you have us still. And by the way Your Welcome. My mom being happy is all I want. And you seem to make her happy so that's a big plus to me!!!