Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bad Week

I’m not having the best week.

Last weekend we had a great cookout with Sunny’s kids. I really had fun.

The bad part was that while it was windy, and the wind was incredibly cold (cold enough to make me wear a sweatshirt for most of the day), the sun was as strong as Superman on steroids.

Now, I should point out that I have incredibly fair skin. If I know I’m going out in the sun I usually wear at least factor 70 sun block. That is not a joke. It is possible for me to spend less than half an hour outside in the sun and end up fire-engine red.

Usually, this redness fades completely over night and I wake up the next morning as pale as I was before I made the mistake of encountering the scare-ball.

However, thanks to the cold wind I obviously burned the crap out of myself without realizing it. I had a sleepless night, woke up the next morning with my face looking like leather and have spent every day since then shedding like a fricking snake.

Then, yesterday, I decided to cheer myself up by making a curry for dinner. Everything was going great until I couldn’t find my chef’s knife and decided to chop the onions with a steak knife. I got distracted for a second, and slash…I damn near took the tip of my thumb off. It was one of those really annoying cuts where not only is it deep, it makes a ‘flap’ of skin, which means it continually slides around and won’t heal.

Finally, to top off a perfect couple of days, I stand up to get a drink from the kitchen and suddenly feel so dizzy I nearly fall over. All today I’ve been going through stages where I’ll feel absolutely fine, and then I’ll suddenly get a wave of nausea and dizziness.

Great, I’m coming down with something…and thanks to Sunny’s recent stay in the hospital, instead of thinking “I feel a little queasy, I’ve probably got a bug or something”…I’m thinking “My kidneys are shutting down, my heart’s gonna stop any minute and I probably have a brain tumor.”

Hopefully things will look up next week.

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Julie said...

OWWWWW!!! Poor BABY!! Although you were really really red the other day. It was still fun though, unless of course your whining b/c you didnt enjoy our company and your only whining to make us feel horrible....lmao...go shoot a ground hog redneck..see you fit right in with the rednecks in south kackalackie....lmao...