Thursday, April 10, 2008

Coming Soon...

Have you ever asked yourself "If my blog was a major motion picture, what would the teaser trailer look like?"

Probably not. You have to be insanely bored and have way too much time on your hands like me.

Well, I was precisely bored enough to ask myself that question today, so I threw this together.

Pretty rough, but it has a pretty particle system in play...Oh, and I'd finished rendering the thing and mixing the audio when I realised the text at the end wasn't quite centered, so I couldn't be bothered re-doing it...I wasn't quite that bored.

It loses a little bit in blogger. The original had stereo sound and was in high-def. Here you go!


Bridget...yes i'm still around said...

Oh you poor dear.
You have lost it, haven't you?!

OzzyC said...

That's pretty good... what application(s) did you use?

Paulius said...

I used Adobe After Effects for the visuals and Adobe Audition to mix the sound.

After Effects is awesome. It's the industry standard app that's used for shows from Stargate to the ten O'clock news.

Only downside is the price. I still have my copy from college (version 6, I think)...the latest version is something like 1500 bucks.