Sunday, March 23, 2008

Limited? I don't think so...

This week I discovered 'Veoh TV'. It's a free standalone app that lets you watch streaming TV shows on your computer.

Nothing really new about that, except for the fact that it has an absolute ton of both new and old TV shows, and the best part is that it's all perfectly legal.

Well, the downside is that it has ads mixed in with the shows.

After watching a few episodes of the A-Team it's pretty much clear that advertisers just have no clue how to incorporate adverts into this medium. For example, in a 45 minute episode of the A-Team there are no fewer than five commercials. What's even worse is that it's the same five ads over and over.

Here's the deal. If I was watching this show and saw the "This show is brought to you with limited commerical interruption by Sprint" announcement, followed by one ad in the middle and one at the end, I'd think "This is awesome" and probably be a little more grateful to Sprint for paying for the bandwidth so I can watch my show.

Instead, being forced to watch the exact same commercial 10 times in the space of an hour and a half, that commercial just really starts to grate on my nerves, meaning that rather than watching it and thinking I might just go out and by a sprint phone...I'm thinking that Sprint are the assholes who keep interrupting my show to tell me the same damn thing over and over.

It's like if I have a conversation with someone, and they tell me a particular restaurant is a good place to eat, I might check it out. If that restaurant is all they'll talk about, and tell me the same thing every 5 minutes...I'm going to want that guy to shut the hell up and will probably make a point of never eating at the restaurant, ever.

Guys... it's not like regular TV when you have to run commercials over and over to make sure enough people see it and to make sure you have a couple of ads in every time slot. I'm sitting in front of my computer, I'm not going anywhere and I'm not going to be getting up to make coffee when the commercials come on.

A single ad in the middle is going to be enough to make sure I get the message. On the internet, more doesn't equal better.

Keep going this way and all you're going to do is get people pissed and turn them off your brand, because they're not going to think of you as the people who paid the cash that let them watch their favorite TV show whenever they want...they're going to think of you as the douchebags who keep interrupting their favorite show to tell them exactly the same thing 10 times an hour.

I get it, you have a new smart phone, I can email and surf the web from it. I got that the first time through, you didn't need to tell me 10 more times!

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