Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm totally, totally serial....

The longer I live, the more convinced I’ve become that we all take things way too seriously.

I mean, think about it. You’re born and you have until about the age of five before you have to start ‘taking things seriously’. I mean, the idea of a stressed 6 year old might seem laughable to us…but do you remember those feelings of complete and utter dread when you went to math class and you’d forgotten to do your homework?

I look back on my school years today and realize I didn’t really have that much to worry about…my point is, I didn’t know that back then.

Then, from age ten onwards it gets drilled into you that school is important. You have to start thinking about your future career, those tests and exams matter. I remember going to sit my GSCE’s and feeling like I’d drank and nice mug of molten lead that morning. These next few hours were going to decide the rest of my life.

Then, from that point on, it’s pretty much all downhill. Mortgage, House Payments, Crappy Jobs, etc, etc.

We only get one life, we’re on this planet for a ridiculously short time…and we spend more time doing unpleasant things than things that make us happy. Ask yourself a question…when was the last time you were completely worry free and relaxed?

Here’s what I suggest to make life a lot better:

3 Hour Workdays and three day weekends. Sure ‘productivity’ would drop, but who the hell cares?

All roads should be lined with tires, take interesting bendy paths and everyone should be required to drive a go-kart to work.

Every building over three storeys should be equipped with a slide to return to the ground floor.

‘Business’ clothes should be banned and people should be able to wear whatever they want wherever they want.

Every office building should be required by law to make lego bricks available to all employees.

All employees would be issued a soft, foam bat on their first day of work, and would be allowed to hit anyone, including superiors and customers with it, without penalty.

Speeding tickets should only be issued if you fail to beat the cops in a race or game of your choice.

Excuses for being late would always be accepted as truth, even if they’re obviously fictional, as long as they’re creative enough.

That’s all I have for now…if you had to come up with some rules to make life less serious and a lot more fun, what would they be?


MC Etcher said...

This 'one life' you speak of is compelling to me. Could yourself and a few of your fellow believers stop by with some pamphlets and literature?

OzzyC said...

I'm certainly much more content knowing that I'm not currently part of the rat race.

Marie said...

I REALLY REALLY like this foam bat idea! That would help my stress levels tremendously. And Id laugh alot more:) .

Sunny said...

Might I go one further and suggest that the slides be the wavy kind? I LOVE slides!!!