Sunday, March 09, 2008

Bite me.

You know what? I’m officially done with online forums.

Not for the general idiocy or the tools who think a single word ‘First!’ post is actually an achievement…but because of the constant parade of elitist assholes.

Here’s the thing. I want a new camcorder and found one on newegg that seemed to be a really good deal at just under $150. Everywhere else I’d seen this particular model it cost above 300…so I wanted a bit more info. Even at $150 bucks, it’s still a waste of money if the video quality isn’t better than my RCA Small Wonder.

Well, user reviews are totally useless and the manufacturer’s website is obviously going to say it’s the best thing ever…so I find what appears to be a good forum and post the following:

Hi all, I’ve spotted a (camcorder) on Newegg for $150. It looks like a good deal, but if anyone’s had any experience with this model I’d appreciate some info. All I need to know is if the picture is decent quality and if there are any known problems with it. It doesn’t have to be great, just equal or better quality that (other camcorder). I don’t need professional-grade here, just something that’s decent.

Thanks in advance.

Seems simple enough, right?

First reply I get says:

That camera is absolute trash. You should save your money and buy a ($3000 HD Camcorder).

Here’s the thing. Regardless of the forum, I post asking for advice and always, and I mean always, someone uses my thread as a way to show off their own high end and extremely expensive piece of equipment.

I want a camcorder with decent picture quality. The one I’m asking about costs a hundred and fifty bucks. If I could afford to spend three grand on a high definition camera why would I even look at sub $200 model? Sure, if I had my choice I’d have a $10,000 1080p camcorder with all the trimmings…but unfortunately, I live in the real world.

Chances are this guy’s never used or even seen the camera I was asking about. It’s just an excuse for some douchebag to look down his nose at me and let everyone know he owns a top of the line camera.

If you think I’m over-reacting, the last forum I posted on was a shooting forum where I gave a good review to my new scope…a $60 ‘budget’ model. I pointed out that it was cheap, missing a lot of high-end features, but gave a very bright clear picture, held its zero perfectly and was a great budget choice.

First reply? Some douche telling me that my scope was crap, that I might as well mount a toilet roll tube on top of my rifle for all the good it’ll do, and instead I should by a $600 scope like his. Oh, and I should bin my rifle and buy a $2000 rifle like his.

I have a two-hundred dollar rifle. I mentioned in my review that I shoot mostly from 50-100 yards and all I actually ask of my setup is that it puts bullets in sub two inch group at 100 yards. In fact, lifted directly from my post:

…Obviously, if you need sub minute of angle accuracy at 300 yards, this definitely isn’t the scope for you. If, like me, you shoot mostly at paper at less than a hundred yards, I’d say the Simmons Blazer is a great choice. It has a bright, crisp picture in low light even at its max magnification. For a $60 scope, the quality is outstanding.

Knowing all this, why in the blue hell would I pay ten times the price for a scope that does no better at the ranges I shoot at than the cheap scope I bought? Hell, why would I put a $600 scope on a $200 rifle at all?

Well, I’ll tell you. I just wouldn’t. These comments are the equivalent of going to an automobile forum, and posting “I need a car for commuting the 15 miles to work five days a week, I’m thinking of buying a Honda Civic.”…Then having some asshole telling you that the Honda Civic shouldn’t even be on the road and instead you should be looking at brand new Ferrari…Oh, and then spending at least a quarter million customizing it.

Basically, these forum posts appear for one reason. Because some douche spent serious money on an item for functionality they’ll never use, and wants everyone to know that what they have is better than what you have.

According to these people, I should have a $3000 camcorder to record family events and muck about with, and I should have spent enough to get a rifle-scope combo that can put bullets through the same hole at 500 yards, despite the fact I’m shooting at paper targets at 50-100 yards.

I’m sure there are plenty of people like me who want decent equipment but are on a strict budget. Also, I’m sure there are people who also don’t see any point in spending an extra few hundred dollars for features they don’t need. Sure, the sat-nav in that car is a nice feature…but if the car is for commuting to work and you already know the way, why spend the extra cash.

Unfortunately, the internet is populated by people who think amount spent somehow translates to penis size. They live on those forums for the express purpose of sneering at people who have the sheer audacity to own something that isn’t as expensive as theirs.


delmer said...

What you need is one of those million dollar IMAX cameras. You'd be able to take your rig downtown and show your home movies off the side of some of the larger buildings.

Paulius said...

Nah, bit rich for my blood and the film is a bugger to develop.

I was thinking about getting the handheld HD camera they used to film 'Cloverfield'...that one's a steal at $115,000