Saturday, March 22, 2008

God Hates Fags.

Yup, I saw a picture from a ‘protest’ today where a bunch of people were standing around holding signs saying “God Hates Fags”, “A Fag Dies, God Laughs”, “Fags Burn In Hell” etc, etc.

I’d just like to congratulate these people for being so amazingly insecure that they’ve managed to completely twist and pervert their religion into nothing more than a platform to hate people from. I mean, you have to be absolutely, completely and totally insecure in your own sexuality to be so homophobic you’re actually willing to stand in the rain, spewing hate, just to convince yourself you’re honestly not even a little bit gay.

God hates ‘fags’? You know, I’m not too sure about that one. I’m sure that there’s something in the Bible about God loving everyone unconditionally.

On the other hand, you know what I’m sure God probably won’t like?

Insecure little half-wits who use his religion in order to spread hate-filled speeches about something that doesn’t actually affect them in the slightest.

Maybe he doesn’t like gays, but that would be pretty odd since the Christian religion says he’d have had to purposefully make them that gay, just to have someone to hate.

How about “God Hates Intolerant Assholes?” Maybe “God Hates Neo-Nazis Who Think They Have The Right To Tell People What They Can and Can’t Do In The Privacy Of Their Own Homes?” or maybe even “God Hates People Who Hate People For No Good Reason?”

One last thing before I end this post:

Not too long ago I heard a local radio DJ frothing at the mouth because someone said that what gay people go through today is similar to what black people went through in Martin Luther King’s day.

This idiot raved on for half an hour about how it was different because gay people could choose ‘not to be gay’.

First if all I don’t believe that to be true for a microsecond. I don’t think any hetero male or female ever just woke up one morning and thought “I know, I think I’ll be gay today!”

A homosexual guy couldn’t ‘choose’ to be heterosexual any more than I could choose to be homosexual. I’m just not wired that way. I can’t suddenly decide that what I do and don’t find attractive. Secondly, I don’t see why anyone should be forced to live a lie just to please some ultra-conservative, redneck assholes who think they’ve got the right to tell other people how to live their lives.

Choice my ass. That’s like asking all the guys out there to stop finding Adriana Lima attractive and start lusting after Brad Pitt.

Personally, I don’t care if you’re gay or not. My best friend from back in England was gay, and the reason it didn’t make me uncomfortable is because I’m totally secure in my own sexuality. Plus, the idea that every gay guy is just dying to jump into bed with you is the same as assuming every female wants to as well.

It’s called homophobia for a reason.

People are willing to stand outside in the rain, shouting hate-filled slogans and holding up signs because each and every one of them is afraid that given the right circumstances, they might just be talked into it.

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Saffyre said...

This kind of thing really pushes my buttons too. People who justhate because they can...and they say it's because of God.
I'm not a religious person, but if there is a God, i'm fairly sure he'd rather give entrance to his 'heaven' to a homosexual, than a hateful idiot.