Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Last night as Sunny was leaving for work, I noticed she’d separated a couple piles of laundry.

So, being in a generous mood, I took that laundry and put it in the washing machine…without being asked.

Right now, all the women in the audience are getting ready to flame me. Why do I think doing something as simple as a load of laundry is worth mentioning? Why do I feel I deserve credit for doing laundry?

Because I’m a guy.

For us, the washing machine is a half-step away from ‘Dabbling with the Unknown’.

Women often wonder why we men expect a lot of credit for doing something they tend to do totally automatically without thinking.

Basically, in the male way of thinking, anything you do regularly becomes your job. If we do it for you, we’re doing you a favor.

Let’s look at this from the opposite angle. If you gave your car an oil change, put up new dry-wall or hooked up the new surround sound system by yourself, basically did anything typically male that your husband or boyfriend would normally do…wouldn’t you expect a little credit?

In short, Sunny was getting ready to do some laundry, and I went ahead and spontaneously did it for her. In my book, this makes what I did a good thing and favor.

So I checked that no whites where mixed in with the coloreds, and separated it into two loads. (I’ve been told again and again not to overload the washing machine).

Anyway, I get up this morning and sit down in the living room. For the laundry room I hear the following:

“Dammit! Sweetie?”

I suppress the urge to just run.


“Didn’t I tell you that this was two loads! These clothes are still wet!”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, little lady. You said not to overload the washing machine, you never said anything about dry load size. It all fit into the dryer with space to spare!

“I did wash it in two loads, sweetie. I just put it all in the dryer at once.”

“Well, it’s all still damp!”

At this point, I chose to shut up.

Ladies, play close attention.

This is why we don’t do shit around the house. We do laundry, wash dishes, cook and vacuum. We do this without being asked. We do this as a favor to you.

Then, inevitably, you complain because we didn’t do it right.

In other words, ladies, we’re like children, we want our pat on the head…even if it’s just for trying. When your 4 year old hands you a macaroni and glue picture they made at school, you don’t complain because the macaroni isn’t glued down properly.


Miz S said...


One- You don't know how much I appreciate you doing the laundry so I didn't have to when I came in from working all night. Thank You.

Two-it's YOUR laundry as much as it is mine.

Three- You would think common sense would dictate that since the washer and the dryer are EXACTLY the same size- two loads in the washer would also equal two loads in the dryer.

Four- You're not four years old and it's not a mac picture. And do men give women credit when they try to do something like change their own oil in the car- or change a tire? No- they sit to the side and laugh about what a terrible job the women are doing, and then they take it away from them and do it properly- and then tell all their friends about it while laughing their heads off. Most men would do anyway- there is always the exception to the rule.

Five- to remedy the situation of men not knowing how to operate the washer and dryer- or any other household appliance for that matter- I would like to suggest that men should do ALL the housework applying to appliances for the period of one year- that way they would DEFINATELY know how to do it properly by that time.

Most men wouldn't know to sort the colors from the whites so you are well ahead of the game in the washing department. I suggest you only do the drying for 6 months. (You do realize that sorting, folding and putting away also is included in the dryer experience.)

On the upside- I've never met a man who cooks as well as you do on a STOVE so maybe we'll just forget all about the washer-dryer incident.

THIS time. Let's not let it happen again, tho.


Miz S said...
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Paulius said...

One : Thank you

Two : Yes it is, but I don't say that when you want me to fix something on the computer

Three : The washing machine is also filled with water, therefore a lot heavier and therefore more likely to get unbalanced

Four : I give you credit when you do anything that's normally MY job.

Five : Whole point of the post. We would do more, but where's the incentive when helping out is going to get us bitched at?

As for the cooking...*flicks forehead*

mistyforeverlost said...

*sigh* and you guys wonder why we pull our hair out. You can play on computers, fix glitches that fustrate the world, change oil and build engines. Hang drywall with proper measurements and some can even work with electrical wires to the point that the switch, when turned to the on position, means the lights will work.

But for whatever reason, a simply minded task like laundry evades your ability to dry each load seperately.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

---From OzzyC---
In response to Misty's comment "...but for whatever reason, a simply minded task like laundry evades your ability to dry each load seperately...."

It's not really that it evades our ability. It evades our desire. In a manner similar to how women say "nothing" when a guy asks "what's wrong," men just 'seem' to have problems with household appliances.

Paulius said...

Misty, you mean a 'simple' task like programming a VCR, or using a universal remote?

mistyforeverlost said...

Paulius, we just ask you to do those things so you feel all manly like. Really. We can do them, we just choose not to. Why burden ourselves with something so simple as remote control fondling when we have great men like you to do it for us? (lololol!)

Ozzy, ..there isn't always something wrong. Usually it involves the remote and snoring on the couch. I might be projecting a bit here though ;O)

Miz S said...

I would like to commend Ozzy and Misty for commenting on this subject!

Usually thses seem to be the ones that people read and don't comment on because they think it's a marital spat between a couple and their way of venting. Most wuld stay out of the comment section.

Altho i have to admit that this is one of my & Paulius' biggest conflicts- we have never had a serious argument...not that I can remember anyway.
When we rant on here about something like this- we WELCOME the comments from you guys. It shows us that we're normal, for one thing- and for another it gives us a bit of insite as to who is .....I don't want to say in the right, that's not exactly what I want to convey- but which way the wind blows. And I will be the first to admit that during one of these comments sessions on a rant like this- I have found points on a few occasions that have caused me to change my stance on a subject.
And yes- when I am wrong- I admit it to Paulius and I apologise.

Thanks agin, guys, and keep all those comments coming!!!

Miz S said...

Ouch- the typos in that last comment......sigh