Thursday, September 07, 2006

Consarn it!

Well, thanks to Ozzy C's instructions, I finally managed to upgrade to the Blogger beta today.

I've got to say that I almost instantly regretted it.

It's not that the new blogger is bad, it's just that to upgrade I had to ignore my instincts that scream at me to run from anything computer-related with the word 'beta' in the title.

In other words 'Beta'='unifinished'='problems'.

A lot of stuff is nice. The interface has been given a slight cosmetic upgrade and has been streamlined slighty. (Yes, I used the word 'slightly' twice). Posting is also done in a different way (updating a database instead of publishing static HTML files) so it's a lot quicker and more stable.

However, I really have to mirror Ozzy C's post. My HTML writing knowledge consists of adding links and pictures...and most of the new features I don't think I'll use very often.

Also, despite the fact I knew that you couldn't post comments on non-upgraded blogs, for me, this was a lot more serious that I first thought. I just assumed that I could post comments as an anonymous user (like Ozzy has done on a couple of my posts since he upgraded).

It was only after I upgraded that I realised just how few of the blogs I read allow anonymous comments.

Oh, quick point. I heard from someone that they thought bloggers were 'cliquish' and 'elitist' because the only allow other bloggers to comment on their blog. This isn't true. It's just without requiring someone to log in to post a comment, you're just inviting spam.

In short, if I usually comment regularly on your blog and you notice I'm suddenly conspicuously absent, I've not stopped reading. I just can't post comments.

Of course, the operative word here is 'beta'. I'll say that when the upgraded blogger goes 100% live, it will be an improvement. If only for the faster publishing.


Miz S said...

Seems some of your regular readers(Misty) who are bloggers can't post comments on your blog now- as well as you not being able to post comments on some.

I hope they get this fixed soon.

Classic example of Newer is not always Better.

Anonymous said...

(Some call him Kato...)

Yea, this is a weird case where Google actually means "Beta" when they label something "Beta".

I'm looking forward to the new stuff, but of course, I would. I am disappointed to see that there are currently so many bugs, but again, they did try to warn us I guess.