Friday, September 08, 2006


(Before I begin, I just gotta mention this. I can’t believe I forgot to mention it when I first heard about it. Remember when Sunny and I went to see Talladega Nights last week? Well, that movie was prefaced with a trailer for a new ‘Rocky’ movie.

That scene in Airplane where he’s in the movie rental store and you see a box for ‘Rocky XXXVI’ is gonna come true. What do you think this one will be about? I’m guessing either a close friend will get his ass kicked, then Rocky will avenge him, or he’ll get in the ring for ‘just one more fight’…and win.

Clutching at straws with your failing career, Mr. Stallone? Can’t you just go become a Governor of California like everyone else?)


So this morning (afternoon), I was rather rudely awakened by Sunny charging into the bedroom.

Well, to be honest, I was glad to be woken up, in my dream I’d just done a load of laundry for Rory McGrath and Simon Pegg and discovered I’d washed both their wallets…I wish I was making that shit up.

Normally, Sunny wakes me up by popping her head around the door and telling me in a ‘put upon’ voice what the time is.

Today she strode right in, got on the bed and started talking. Something was wrong

First thing in the morning, it’s useless talking to me…simply because I won’t understand a word you’re saying. For at least the first 20 minute I’m in Charley Brown Land. You can talk all you want, but all I’m hearing is “Waaah wahh waaaahh wahhh.”

Finally, I woke up enough to start making out individual words, such as ‘security’ and ‘password’ and ‘maxed out’. About 2 minutes later, when my brain rediscovered the meanings of those words, I proposed a solution.

I said “Huh?”

I should also point out that I get the ‘Sleep Bends’ really easily. If I wake up too quickly, or I’m forced to think within an hour of getting up, I get a headache.

Anyway, it turns out that Second Life had had a security problem, and was requiring everyone to change their passwords. Sunny had gone to the SL website, got them to send her the ‘forgot password’ email…and then had forgotten what the answer to her security question was.

“I’ve tried everything!” She said. She reeled off a list of possible permutations of the answer. She’d also tried too many times and had been told she’d have to go back to the website and request another lost password email.

So, while she went to get pizza, I tried to fix it for her.

I got an email at her email address, used the link in that to get to the security question page…and put in the answer she told me she had already tried.

It worked and I set up a new password for her.

There’s got to be some mojo involved here.

Now, I’m not going to tell you the security question and answer, suffice it to say, it was very simple…like “What’s your pet’s name.” I just don’t see how she could have got it wrong.

I think it’s just that ‘occasional user’ problem. Passwords hate anyone who they don’t have contact with at least a couple times per day. I get this horrible feeling that my computer has multiple personalities and it’s actually thinking:

“Heheheh. Sunny want to reset her password.”



“Oh, her…heheheh.”

“Give her the runaround? She hardly ever uses us, and then she expect’s a favor?”

“Yeah, change a couple letters of her security answer while it’s en-route…that’ll piss her off.”

…two hours later.

“Hey, look! It’s Paulius!”

“Master? What does he want?”

“He’s trying to reset Sunny’s password.”

“Quick, get it done!”

Mojo…it’s all about Mojo.


Miz S said...'re the master.

That's the one and ONLY time you'll hear me admit it.....unless i'm bribed properly, that is.

Thank you sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

(And Kato was his name=o...)

Computer use requires a certain amount of Mojo. It's a weird phenomenon. It happens in programming, too. A programmer like myself might struggle for hours trying to fix a problem and be at wits end. They will turn to programmer B and say "Can you look at this?" and within minutes they'll have it working. It's like the machine toys with you for awhile and then finally gives in when it realizes the joke isn't funny anymore cause you've "escelated".

Incidentally, that second life password thing was a big deal--for those that don't know, Second Life had its entire user database hacked, meaning that some jerk got access to everyone's name and avatar (the passwords were encrypted, but to be safe the company that runs Second Life went in and reset all the passwords). Bleh!