Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dear Ford Motors

Dear Ford Motor Company,

Let me begin by asking you the following question:

What are you thinking?

For the past month or so, my ears have been assaulted by your really annoying ‘Beep Beep’ commercial. For some reason you think a really annoying woman, singing a really annoying song at a volume level much higher than the actual program I’m watching is the way to sell cars.

Let me say that advert resulted in wearing out the mute button on my TV remote.

Then, just as that torture ends, you inflict and I choose that work carefully, that crazy, gray haired weirdo from American Idol on us. I swear, if I see that guy cock his head to one side and smile like a special needs student just one more time I’m going to absolutely lose it.

As for his song lyrics: “I go where I want, I go where I need”…after seeing that advertisement for the 50th time this evening, the place I need to go is the studio where you filmed that ad, grab a sniper rifle, and wait for you to work on the sequel.

In short, really, really, really annoying your customers in not the way to sell cars.

For hints on what your customers actually want, study the Victoria’s Secret commercials.


MC Etcher said...

It's a terrible commercial. The AI guy has a lot of personality, but it's completely missing from the commercial.

There are so many crappy commercials - to think, they spend millions on them.

Anonymous said...

Ditto... ditto... ditto! Can we have a bit of creativity, maybe some focus on the product and not the "lifestyle" that the product is offering. Surely you guys can do better than this.

Vicarious Living said...

As a Ford Customer, I do not want the Ford Motor Company to study Victoria's Secret commercials. Unless you are referring to feats of engineering, but really, that would better aimed at plastic surgeons than Ford.