Saturday, January 07, 2006

Holy Shit!


Do me a favor. Scroll down to the very bottom of the screen. Look at the middle bit.

See all those numbers?

‘Life, What the Hell is Going On?’, that stupid little blog I started because I was bored, the thing I expected to last for about 6 posts before I got bored and let it die, officially turns 10,000 hits old today. (Well, 10,098, but I missed the 10,000 ‘tick-over’.)

Let me see, this blog is 10 months old, so the thankfully easy bit of mental math tells me that I’m getting an average of 1000 hits per month, or 250 a week.

Are you people mental? I mean, have you got nothing better to do with your time than to read a distinctly average British expatriate’s rants on pretty much the first thing that pops into his head?

Nuckin’ Futters, the lot of ye’!

Anyway, let me just give a shout out to everyone who actually takes the time out of their lives to read this crap, and keep me motivated to keep writing. As someone who aspires to become an actual ‘writer’ one day, you’ve no idea how encouraging it is to know that a significant number of people out there actually think what I write is worth reading.

Anyway, a couple of special thank you’s:

Serendipity, for being the first non-anonymous commentor, thereby introducing me to the blogging ‘community’.

MC Etcher and Cindy : Mostly for the games and books they sent to me, but most of all for showing me that people can just be generous for the sheer hell of it…and for having that witty and snappy prose style that I’d love to be able to emulate.

Kato : For being worse than Hitler. (Oh, and writing the only blog I’ve ever seen that I’d be willing to pay to read. A cross between Comedy Central and Tech TV (before it was bought out and became G4)).

Anyway, let’s hope that ‘Life, What the Hell is Going On’ is still alive for the 20,000 hit mark.


(Oh, and PS, to the guy in California that landed here looking for ‘Animal Sex’…You’re one sick (ahah ha ha) puppy.)


EDIT : Kato truly is worth than Hitler, and I take back everything good I just said about him. If you'll scroll down, you'll see my "Finger Frenzy" online game that times how long it takes you to type out the entire alphabet.

The bastard beat me by 0.048 seconds.

May you burn in hell (even though you only beat me by less time than it takes to blink)

Oh wait! I forgot! I'm British! Gracious in Victory and Magnanimous in defeat!

Well done Kato! rotten bastard Exceptionally well played! cheating f**ker, bet he photoshopped the screenshot. The better man won, like f**k he did. Maybe we'll rematch sometime. ahhh, get ter feck.


Miz S said...

Congrats on the 10,000+.

Lois said...

Double congrats on the 10,000+! As you know, I visit your blog daily to see if there's the usual witty post or (yawn) something about gaming. Bob and I are going out to celebrate his birthday tonight and we'll be certain to raise a glass in toast to your great achievement.

Carry on!

Love to you and Sunny,

Kato said...

w00t! Congrats on hitting the 10k mark!

Thank you for the compliments... that were then recinded. Incidentally, I think there is a typo in this sentence: "Kato truly is worth than Hitler".

Also, where's my friggin' air guitar? You've been 0wn3d.

Paulius said...

Kato : Thank you for pointing out my typo. It would have been a humiliating experience, if you had, in fact, not asked for your air guitar.

I refer you to the small print in my original challenge post.

I know own your soul, and among other things, can throw stones at your dad and call you Brian.

Kato said...

You know own my soul, eh?

Paulius said...


Vicarious Living said...

Yay for 10,000!

(shameless plug - I just checked my own counter and have also passed into happy high-number territory)