Sunday, November 06, 2005

Shhhh! She's craaaaazy!

Actual conversation from today:

Sunny : “Paulius? If I just click print, will it bring up all those quick print options and stuff?”

Paulius : (In the Kitchen) “Yep.”

Sunny : “Ok.”

Voice of Lexmark Print Manager : (unbelievably loud) “PRINTING STARTED.”

Sunny : “NO! You stupid thing! Paulius, it didn’t give me any options. It just started!”

Paulius : “Did you click file, then print? Or just the picture of a printer in the menu bar?”

Sunny : “Menu bar?”

Paulius : “The thing at the top.”

Sunny : “Yeah, that’s what I did.”

Paulius : “Well, next time, click file, print.”

Lexmark Printer Manager : “PRINTING COMPLETED.”

Sunny : “YOU STUPID COMPUTER!!, I KNOW!!! I've got the printout in my hand, you idiot!"

Ten minutes later.

Sunny : “…and, print.”


Sunny : “I said shut it!!! Paulius! Why is he talking so loud?”

Paulius : “Sigh. (he?) Turn the volume down.”

Sunny : “Ok.”

Ten minutes later, and it seems Sunny and the Print Manager have gotten over their rocky beginning, and are becoming firm friends. As I walked past the living room, I heard:

Lexmark : “Printing completed.”

Sunny : “Why, thank you!”

I’m still not certain whether Sunny knows that the computer can’t hear her, but she’s gotten into the habit of holding conversations with the Lexmark Print Manager.

I’m scared.


rayray said...

Too funny!
What's next? Her telling the monitor it's too bright and to turn itself down? ;)

Miz S said...


I am so embarrassed!!! Paulius- Do you remember that little clause in the wedding vows about not telling everyone how unbelievably weird your significant other can be sometimes??

Hmmmmmmm?? Ring a BELL???

How bout I ring YOUR bell then??


Rayray- Don't encourage him or you'll get more of those stories.


MC Etcher said...

LOL! I understand your plight completely.

Cindy never says 'thanks' to the PC, but she sure does cuss it out a lot!

Miz S said...

BTW Paulius- Your new "cartoon" pic looks amazingly LIKE you.

Cute little black beard and glasses. Sexy bedroom eyes......yep amazingly similar!!!


OzzyC said...

As long as you don't start seeing "Dngrxx" on your monitor. What's "dngrxx?" I'm glad you asked.

Dngrxx is today's word verification word...

Dngrxx: (DANE-jur-ex-ex) [interjection] Triple the danger.

Lois said...

Is there any Guy Fawkes cheesecake left?

Paulius said...

Rayray : She talks to inanimate objects all the time, at least the computer talks back, even if it is only a pre-recorded .wav file

Sunny : Sorry, but living with you is a comedy goldmine.

Etcher : Swearing at a computer is completely normal and natural.

Ozzy : Isn't DANE-jur-ex-ex, DOUBLE the danger and not triple?

Lois : Be quiet, you uppity colonial.

serendipity said...

I do it too. Get very frustrated and swear at inanimate objects. It is usually the computer but I have been known to talk to the vacuum cleaner too.

OzzyC said...

DangerXX is triple the danger... Why? Two reasons. First and foremost, it's my word and I said so.

Second, "Danger" is level 1. "DangerX" is level 2. "DangerXX" is level 3. If it were done your way, then "Danger" and "DangerX" would have redundant meanings.

Today's word verication word: WVHog. [n] A large woman from West Virginia. (You can't make this shit up!)

MC Etcher said...

New post! New post! New post!

Everybody chant with me now!

Paulius said...

Ozzy, I bow to your superior word creating skills...

Etcher, I guess you know you've truly arrived in Bloggerland when you get the "hurry up and write a new post comment."

Hmm, but no one joined in your chant...

Kato said... post? New post? New post? (Did that help?)

Don't feel bad, Sunny. As a certified 20th level Geek, I can assure you that it is perfectly normal to talk to a PC (or any other piece of equipment). I do so on a regular basis though it is usually unflattering and replete with cuss words. When I'm writing code (I'm a programmer) and finally get it all working, I have been known to stand up and yell "In your face, bitch!" or what not to my PC.