Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Lunatics are In Charge of the Asylum

I watched a very interesting program on cable a few nights ago.

It was basically a discussion of the mistreatment of terror suspects being held by the USA.

The main theme was use of torture, pain and ‘stress positions’ in order to force information from prisoners.

Unusually for me, I agreed with nearly 100% of what the show said. That torture is just plain wrong, and is also a ridiculously unreliable way of obtaining information. If you put someone in enough pain, they’ll tell you anything to make it stop.

However, an expert on interrogation said the current situation was, for lack of a better word, stupid. He pointed out that torture is illegal and should stay illegal (I agree), however, he pointed out that people under interrogation need to be put under some degree of stress. He said, basically, that lives depend on what these people may know…but with Western squeamishness, terror suspects are almost being welcomed to Disneyland.

I don’t quite agree with the ‘Disneyland’ part, but as westerners, we are so squeamish about being seen as anything but good guys, that we do not get nearly as much information as we could. After all, if you were a terrorist, and were locked up with good food, a warm bed and daily recreation…where’s the motivation to give up any information…information that could save millions of lives?

No, I’m not condoning torture. Torture is wrong, plain and simple. The view could be taken that the enemy have no problems with torturing our people, so we should do the same…but the day that happens is the day we have lost everything we are fighting for.

However, stress is not torture. You can not get information from a terrorist by making him a nice cup of coffee, giving him a slice of chocolate cake and asking him nicely. There are effective, non-torture ways to force information from suspects. However, even something as mild as sitting a suspect in an uncomfortable ‘stress position’ for a few hours to make them uncomfortable is balked at by the western people.

We want it both ways. We balk at anything other than treating these people like honoured guests…but then scream “Why didn’t anyone do anything? How did we not know?” when the latest bombing destroys a few hundred families.

In other words, if we believe someone may be involved with terror, while we should not actually harm them, we shouldn’t blow the dust off the thumbscrews… However, they should be under constant pressure to reveal information that could save lives.

Now, it may not be apparent from my blog, but it takes a lot to get me really angry. Today, I read something that didn’t just make me angry…it made me seethe.

I’ve deliberately never posted about racism, basically because anything that isn’t patently pro-minority in a racial discussion usually leaves you branded a racist. Even something as minor as ‘Why can Chris Rock base a whole act around making fun of white people, but a single ‘black joke’ is evil and racist’? has you marked as the next Hitler.

However, I’m going to mildly break that rule today.

Now anyone with half a brain cell understands that just because someone is a Muslim, doesn’t automatically make them a terrorist. It’s also true that plenty of Westerners are also involved in terrorism.

In other words, being a Muslim doesn’t make you a terrorist, and being white does not automatically remove you from suspicion.

However, it is also true that Al-queda is an Islamic group. Therefore, the majority of Al-queda terrorists are, in fact, Muslims.

In other words, paying extra attention to Muslims when it comes to terrorism isn’t ‘racial profiling’…it’s just common sense.

Again, before I get flamed by everyone, please remember that I’m not suggesting that being a Muslim automatically makes you a terror suspect. Not am I saying that being white automatically eliminates you as a terror suspect.

All I’m saying is that it’s not unreasonable that Muslims tend to get singled out for security checks at places like airports.

Think of it this way. If situations where reversed and a Christian Fundamentalist group took to bombing Muslim countries…it wouldn’t be unreasonable to single out white westerners at airports in Islamic countries.

However, It appears that the Power’s That Be have become so afraid, so terrified of being considered racist or prejudiced, that policies are being put in place that are so ridiculously stupid, so asinine and idiotic, that it makes you wonder how people that retarded got in charge.

This brings me to the thing I read that made me want to bang my head against the wall until the lights go out.

Back in Britain, a new rule has been implemented that means that the Police, when raiding a suspected Islamic terrorist’s home…must first ‘show respect’ by removing their shoes before entering the house.

Pardon my language, but what in the flying fuckflaps are these people thinking?!?!

Taking your shoes off while raiding Islamic terror suspect’s homes!


Apparently, blowing up buses packed with kids is bad, but when you find out who did it, God forbid you disrespect their fragile religious sensibilities by wearing your shoes in their homes!

I mean, seriously, what the fuck is going on? Are they going to stop arresting Christians on the Sabbath?

What’s next? Are they going to find a terrorist and knock politely on the door?

“Good Morning Mr. Bin Laden! I’m sorry sir, but we have evidence that you may be a terrorist, I apologize for the interruption and the accusation, but you know we have to check out these things, so, and I apologize for even asking this…are you a terrorist?”

“Nope, sorry.”

“Thank you sir, I apologise for the inconvenience, and might I just say that that is a wonderful collection of plastic explosives and AK-47s you have just behind the door there! Collector, huh? Goodbye, and Praise Allah!”

So let me get this straight. There is evidence that these people are either taking part, are involved or aiding the out and out murder for innocent civilians. There is enough evidence that their homes are being raided.

So it’s perfectly fine that you turn up at someone’s home at 4am. It’s perfectly fine that you knock their front door down with a battering ram. It’s perfectly fine that you storm the house, point automatic weapons at the occupants, before arresting them and dragging them off to jail…

But God forbid that you wear your fucking shoes and upset their religious sensibilities!

We’ve become so squeamish and afraid of being branded racist or heartless that we are literally willing to risk our own lives, as well as the lives of our police and armed forces, rather than ‘offend’ an Islamic Terrorist.

You see, they don’t play by the rules. Right now, every terrorist cell in England is spreading nails and broken glass in front of their doors.

We’re giving up the very things we are defending, in order to not offend the people who are trying to take them from us.

It’s this over sensitive and ‘political correctness’ mentality that is even spilling over into normal, every day life, including non-security issues.

Like this year’s Christmas parade.

For those who don’t know, any mention of Christmas was banned. Santa’s sleigh rode down the street without Santa.


Because a mention of Christmas, Santa or anything Christian might offend the non-Christians viewing the parade. Let me be clear, religion wasn’t banned, nor was denominational beliefs. Only Christianity and western traditions.

So forget the fact that hundreds of children burst into tears because they automatically thought Santa was a no-show because they’d all been bad and weren’t going to get any presents…as long as the minorities weren’t ‘offended’.

What the hell is offensive about watching a majority ethnic group celebrate their own traditions in their own country? Yes, minorities may be American or British Citizens, they may celebrate different holidays and have different beliefs, and yes, they have every right to openly celebrate their own traditions also. I’m not contesting that.

I just want to know why the beliefs and traditions of the majority are considered offensive.

In other words, if Hanukah or Ramadan was banned in order to prevent offending Christians…there would be uproar. Why ban anything? If we’re a multicultural society, what’s wrong with celebrating our own culture?

Now I’m all for ethnic diversity. I’m probably one of the few white people who actually sees Caucasoids as an ethnic group. At a Christmas parade, have all religions represented, the more the merrier.

However, being ‘racially aware’ does not extend to excluding the majority. After all, aren’t Christian beliefs and western traditions just as valid as all the others?

That’s right, we live in a time where it’s considered (rightly) offensive to exclude minorities, but is also completely acceptable to completely exclude the majority.

Am I the only person left in the world that considers excluding the traditions, beliefs and observances of the majority is just as racist and wrong as ignoring and excluding minorities?

I’m not pulling out the old chestnuts like “How come you can have a black pride march, or a gay pride march…and not a white pride or heterosexual pride march?” After all, as a white male, I have nothing to complain about. I don’t have to deal with a history of persecution and mistreatment.

On the other hand, I don’t go in for the ‘white guilt’ thing either. I don’t see why it has suddenly become wrong and shameful to celebrate western holidays.

Equality is the key. Putting one group forward while excluding another in not equal. Christmas was removed from a Christmas parade. The white people of America all applauded it, while patting themselves on the back about how non-racist they are…but at the same time wanted to see Santa, look at the angel on top of the tree, and sing Christmas Carols. However, everyone was too afraid to be called prejudiced, racist or a white supremacist to ask why the mere mention of a western holiday would be considered offensive to others.

I’m not talking about the fall of western society. I’m not suggesting that Britain and America will be Black, Muslim or Jewish Nations within ten years. I just want equality…true equality.

Represent your beliefs all you want. It’s this idea that America was founded on. However, I refuse to be ashamed or to sacrifice my beliefs for the sake of others. The whole idea behind America is that there’s room for everybody. Everybody. That includes the majority also.


Anonymous said...

I can see the headline in the Daily Mirror now, "Anti terrorist squad brought to their knees by Islamic thumb tack terror squad!"
Absolutly pathetic......
No Christmas tree in Birmingham because it offends the ethnic minorities, childs hospital plans cancelled to make way for mosque in Liverpool, I wonder how many statues of Shiva would be torn down if I was abroad so I could build a catholic church...??

Best of all is the Muslim Clerics who stand on speakers corner in London every day complainng about western traditions and the 'infidels' etc then jump into there mercedes SL bought with OUR state benefit to go back to their families at their COUNCIL mansion....absolutley brilliant.....(Paul please explain sarcasm and irony to any of our friends from over the pond who read this and think I'm Al' Quaeda sympathiser)
No I'm not a racist either, I was brought up like my brother, but it's a toss up over whether I would prefer to live under Saddam's regime or just get slowly robbed of my hard earned cash and dignity by a spineless puppet like Tony Blair.
Two very important words Tony and friends 'GIVE and TAKE' not just give.....
Aside from all that, one love baby.......
P.S. Mum says tea's ready......laters Billy Boswell

MC Etcher said...

I agree with nearly every point!

The removing shoes thing... Clearly the cops need to wear protective booties, like the car repairmen do.


Chief Slacker said...

PC-ness has run amok. But it's also being taken advantage of. It's pretty typical to see one person talk about there should be a freedom of religion, and then turn around and say taht religion is wrong. heh.

Very good post :O)

OzzyC said...

Maybe the cops should wear rubber galoshes, and consider the sneakers inside as their "socks."