Thursday, August 18, 2005

God Killed my computer

Hey all,

This will have to be short. We had a lightning strike which fried our computer. I'm writing this on my old busted assed laptop that's taken me 3 1/2 hours to get working to where I can connect, and is likely to screw up, lock up and shut down at any second (there's some physical damage to the motherboard...likely caused by another lightning strike).

In short, we're a computerless couple right now. I'll try to see what I can do over the next few days to beg borrow or steal a replacement. Keep checking back, because I'll try to get to the 'local' (read over 60 miles away) library at least once a week, so I can put up new posts.

With any luck, I'll have an alternative within a couple of weeks (see if I can get an old 286 somewhere).

Basically, people, this is a 'stand by'. Or in other words, don't say "That guy never updates any more!" and delete me from your bookmarks. Life, What The Hell Is Going On? Will rise again!

Oh, and of course, those of you who also read my wife's blog (, should be aware that she can't post anything new either for the next couple of weeks.

PS The lightning strike also took out our coffeemaker. No computer, internet or coffee.

God really does hate me


Drew said...

That's a shame wings, make sure you give us an update on your fish as soon as you get a new computer.....

Perdita said...

We totally admire your effort of going to the library (or belief that you'll be doing so).

What is a Library?

MC Etcher said...

Wow, that's awful! Hope you get up and running again soon.

Kato said...

Wow, that's on par with a death in the family! I partially fried a machine a couple of years ago due to power stuff (particularly in an apartment where the power is a little suspect).

If I had any worthwhile parts lying around, I'd send them your way, but let me know if you need any flat IDE cables, I got tons of them. :)

Sloth said...

Ummm.........excuse me but why has no one commented that YOUR HOUSE GOT HIT BY LIGHTNING??

Did you poop in your pants? Because I definitely would have pooped in my pants if my house got it by lightning.

MC Etcher said...

Maybe I didn't freak out when I heard about the lightning because it's happened to me before too.

Freaky, buy not poop-inspiring.

Paulius said...

yup, fairly scary, but not poop inspiring.

I have a post on exactly what happened that I'll put up as soon as I'm up and running again.

I was the only one to sustain an injury, and that was due to a shell-shocked cat rather than anything electrical

Perdita said...

I have been scared by "the cat that suddenly freaked" too