Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hey all

Just another quick update.

By next thursday, I'll have most of the cash I need for the computer. Then it'll take me about a week or so to come up with the rest of the cash.

So, People, with any luck, I'll have the new computer in two weeks.

Anyway, I'd better post this, for some reason the text is appearing in the right place, but the cursor is halfway down the screen, corrupting everything it passes through.

I hate this laptop.


Perdita said...

Apparently the Dryads and stock gods heard your need for extra cash and viola!

MC Etcher said...

Wow, lisaharolds sure is chatty. Can't wait till you're back online.

Think of all the gaming you have to catch up on, not to mention your novel.

OzzyC said...

OMFG!! You got spammed too.

Paulius said...


Actually managed to line up a computer that is better than the one I was going to buy for a little bit cheaper.

AMD 64 Athlon 2.2ghz
512 meg ram
180 gig Hard drive
ATI Radeon Express graphics (64meg)
DVD+/- rewriter
Memory card reader

Gonna have to get the memory up to a gig, and change out the graphics card.

I checked the minimum requirements for doom 3, and it actually meets them (I'm under no dillusions it will actually run it, though)...however, it's nice to know.

Only problem is that it comes with only a 60 day trial of MS office. I'll have to go out and buy it (cough, cough Bittorrent cough, cough)...well, actually, I have a legal copy on the busted seeing that that's out of service, I have a valid licence for it.

Anyhoo, gotta go...should be back online properly by tuesday after next.

Oh, and Kato, about the firmware's war! You REALLY are worse than hitler

Kato said...

I have no idea what you are talking about :)

Will you new machine play Battlefield 2??