Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So, last night, Sunny and I recorded episode 3 of our podcast to go out on Saturday.

I think it's by far our best one yet. Episode 2 wasn't that great, but it was a huge learning experience. Trying to make it to an hour (which we had to do so we could place the ads properly…ads that it turns out we didn't need to run), meant we'd run out of things to say, went off on a tangent and started having a serious, straight discussion that neither of us were prepared for. If you listen to episode 2, feel free to stop listening at about the 30-40 minute mark, all you'll be missing is a disastrous trail off.

This time around, we decided to keep it as light hearted and funny as possible, and just bail out when we started to lose steam regardless of the time. We figured (amazingly) that people would prefer a shorter podcast that was entertaining the whole time than a longer podcast that we had to pad.

Something else that helped immensely is down to two fellow bloggers and readers.

Firstly, Evan contacted me with a joke from his daughter to see if it would make Sunny laugh (this was after the first podcast where we talked about Sunny's weird sense of humor) which gave us the idea to make it a regular feature. Basically, I'm asking the listeners to email in their dumbest, silliest jokes and if Sunny laughs, you win FABULOUS PRIZES!

I also contacted MC Etcher and asked if he'd be interested in writing 'Credi-Bull', a semi-regular feature on his blog, for the podcast and he agreed!

I can't stress enough just how much this helps out. First of all they're very entertaining, and second of all, having a couple of regular features help break up the chat and give us something to switch to when we start to run out of steam. Also, it's been a great opportunity to include some listener interaction.

Now, this is the point where I usually tell you to go listen…but today I'm not. I'm going to suggest you wait until Saturday and listen to episode 3, because episode 3 is the closest to what we've wanted this podcast to be all along… and I can honestly say it's a hundred times better than anything we've done up to now.

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Sunny said...

I know we're trying to set it up so everyone knows we have a new one up on Saturday night/Sunday Morning...but I really had fun with this one- especially the new features- and I wanna go ahead and put it up now....but I suppose I can wait a bit longer if I HAVE to!!!!!