Friday, July 02, 2010

Thumb's Up

A few days ago, fellow blogger MC Etcher wrote a post about his wife Michelle's idea about a 'Chuckle Button' for blogger.

In fact, I originally titled this blog 'Michelle's Chuckle Button' until I realized just how obscene that sounded.

The idea is that sometimes you read a post, enjoy it, but have nothing to actually say about it in a comment. Michelle's idea was essentially a Facebook or Youtube style 'like' button, so people could tell you they'd read and enjoyed your post without having to log in, get past the captcha just to say 'nice'.

So, this afternoon, I figured there had to be a way to add something like that. A little bit of HTML or a little script to add it.

I discovered it was a lot easier than I thought. If you have a new template, simply go to the layout options, click 'edit' on your post window and there's an option to turn on 'reactions'. You can set up as many buttons as you like and name them whatever you want...but I just stuck with 'like'.

So there it is, right at the bottom of the post. Feel free to give it a click...then go over to MC Etcher and Michelle's blogs and thank them for the idea (and to read their blogs, they're both interesting, talented people).


MC Etcher said...

Very cool! Thanks a lot, Michelle will be tickled.

It's great that Blogger has finally offered some in-depth gadgets and tools.

I mean, I did end up learning some HTML and CSS to create my own blog template so it wasn't all bad.

Michelle said...

Thanks Paulius!

I've really got to get back in the swing of things; It's been so long!