Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In which I draw more boobs

I think I've mentioned before that I have this drawing exercise where I do a semi-random google image search and draw whatever comes up.

Well, one of the things I absolutely suck at drawing is hair. I'm not even talking about rendering realistic hair, I draw hair that looks like a bad wig or weird helmet.

So, a few nights ago, I fired up the googles, typed 'hair'…and after I stopped throwing up from all the pictures of hairy vaginas that looked like badgers that had been on the receiving end of a shotgun blast, I then turned safesearch up to strict, searched for "fashion hair' and found a picture of a girl with a really intricate hairstyle, complete with ribbons, ringlets, the whole works.

I sketched it out in about 15 minutes and liked it.

So, last night I did something I haven't done in a while. I decided to break out the Bristol Board and actually try to make a 'finished' drawing instead of a sketch. I wanted to see the difference between a twenty minute sketch on my crappy sketchbook paper (It really is awful, it's smudgy and really low quality) and the same drawing that I've taken a lot of time and care over with decent materials

Suddenly, I noticed something about my sketch I hadn't noticed while I was drawing it. You see, I tend to listen to a podcast and completely zone out while drawing. But this really took me by surprise.

I'd just sketched the head and body really quickly to focus on the hair, and when I looked at the sketch, it hit me.

Damn, I've drawn those boobs really huge.

I mean, seriously. I wondered how I'd managed to make a mistake that…ahem…big. It was like a midget with a couple of basketballs duct-taped to her chest.

So I pulled up the original image to compare…and realized I had made a mistake…I'd actually been a little too conservative and drawn them too small.

Unfortunately, I deleted the image before I thought to write this post, and I can't find it again…and I've no idea who the model is…so all I have is the drawing, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Poor girl, at least she'll never have to worry about drowning.

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rayray said...

may i say 'da-yum!'.........