Saturday, July 08, 2006

My, Haven't You Grown?

(Edit : All the pictures on this page are hosted by image shack, and have pop-ups. Since writing this post, I opened a Flickr account, and all the images on this page can be viewed here popup free )

I was looking at Buddy today, and realised that in the short time we've had him, he's grown ridiculously.

Seriously, the size he was when he first turned up, is roughly the same size just his head is now.

To illustrate this, here are two pictures:

Buddy 5 months ago, shortly after he turned up at the front door:

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Buddy today, just over 5 months later:

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Thats kinda scary.

When he first turned up he was exhausted, and I figured I'd put him in the chair in the picture so he could get some sleep. When he woke up, he wanted to get down, but started whining because he was too scared to jump.

Today, he could clear that chair in a single bound with absolutely no effort.

If you're wondering why he looks so worried, he's not allowed on the furniture, but I wanted to put him back on the same chair for comparison. He was confused as hell. The same chair he usually gets shouted at for even touching, we're trying to coax him up there with treats.

Just to prove that he's a happy dog, he usually looks like this:

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Good doggie!

Oh, and just because I really like them, Here are a few more pictures of Buddy while he was still a puppy. What happened to that sad-faced fuzzball?

Bouffant Hairdo:

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Challenging Padme's 133t Kung Fu Skillz. (Padme has lived to regret being so mean to him when he was a puppy)

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Showing that puppy enthusiasm and energy:

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After a hard day's napping:

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(I apologise in advance for the crappy image shack hosting. There may be a couple pop-ups, but now adware, spyware or malware...I'll be setting up a flickr account soon)


OzzyC said...

Dogs are so cool.

BTW, per your request, I posted an epilogue about my work spat. It's a comment, not a separate post.

MC Etcher said...

AWWWW! He got really big. The happy dog one is my favorite - it actually looks like he's grinning!

Paulius said...

Yeah, he's good at grinning.