Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Because I'm Inexplicably Proud Of It

stormcolor2 copy
Originally uploaded by Paulius1981.
...here's my completed 'Ultimate X-Men' version of Storm.


MC Etcher said...

Very cool! The hair is very stylized.

MC Etcher said...

It's cool to be able to share stuff we make online... I remember when I lived in Cleveland for a few years, I didn't have any friends, and I gradually stopped writing altogether.

There didn't seem to be a point, since no one was going to read it but me. (I realized later what a stupid reason that was) It wasn't until I started getting online and made some friends to share with that I got back into the mood of being more creative. Having an audience helps!

Um... Just felt like ramble-sharing, sorry.

Paulius said...

Actually, the hair is no where near as good as it was.

I inked the pic in illustrator, and when I resized the image, the paths for those lines went crazy...and I just couldn't get it back the way it was.

Oh, and I agree with everything you said about how cool it is to be able to share stuff on the internet.