Thursday, July 13, 2006

...And You Think You've Got It Bad

So it’s big news this week that gas prices in America are at their highest ever.

Apparently, here in SC we’re getting some of the lowest gas prices in the country (Currently at around $2.75 a gallon, but expected to be above $3.00 by this weekend).

Everyone’s going nuts. Three dollars a gallon is almost enough for your average US driver to declare a national emergency.

So, allow me to put this in perspective. Here’s a comforting thought for all the Americans in the audience:

Back in England, according to google news, petrol prices are currently at 97 pence a liter.

Now, for those not up on metric and English currency, let me do the math and make this clear for you for you.

There are approximately 5 liters in a gallon.

The exchange rate for British pounds to US Dollars is currently $1.84 to the pound.

So, for the mathematically impaired, a gallon of gas in England will cost you 4.85GBP, approximately $8.93.

So, to sum up, if it takes around 10 gallons to fill your car, it’ll cost you about $30 in America. If you live in England, it’ll cost you a whopping $90!

So, when you look at the gas pumps, spare a thought for all those poor Englishsters who are paying almost $9 a gallon…and bear in mind that in England, these aren’t temporarily high prices. This is our average. It’s not going to drop any time soon.

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Saffyre said...

Yeah, petrol prices over here bite the big one!

Our government bleed us dry on petrol and cigarettes - as i'm sure you recall only too well!