Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Did I Mention I Made a Podcast?

Hello Everyone,

Sorry that posts have been a little scarce over the past week or so, I’ve not had much time to devote to blogging with my parents staying over and all.

It’s been a pleasant visit, although I think my Dad’s having a lot more fun than my Mum. This trip was almost tailor made for him.

My Dad loves to fish and shoot (although shooting is almost entirely illegal in England, his experience up to now was purely with an air-rifle). Considering that I own a .22 rifle, and less than 100 yards from my back door is the fishing pond that Sunny’s dad dug out…he’s in hog-heaven.

As my Mum commented: “This is your Dad’s perfect vacation. He can go shooting and fishing every day, and I can’t complain because there’s nowhere else for me to drag him to!”

Of course, my mum’s having fun as well. Who couldn’t have fun when they’re around me, the most perfect of men?

I’ll write more in a couple of days, when they actually leave, and I get a chance to.

Oh, and OzzyC, I accept your ‘freebie’, and will write that for my next post.

Oh, and I hope everyone enjoyed the podcast!

(The podcast is still up, and can be accessed by clicking the link in the next post down…Yes, I’m trying to push it as much as possible, because as crap as it is, it took forever to make.)

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