Friday, April 21, 2006

It's Amazing What Boredom Will Do

Ok, here's the deal.

I got very, very, very bored the other night, and I found some of the video editing software I used at college when I was doing media studies, so I started playing with it.

I thought it would be fun to get my light saber, throw in a few effects to make it look real...then for the sheer hell of it, I added blaster bolts for me to 'deflect'.

Yes, I was bored, and yes, I'm a geek.

Well, here's the result. (Sorry for the quality of this video, I know a lot of my readers are on dialup so I compressed the file size from 27 meg, to just under one meg. There's also a lot of 'banding' around the saber that wasn't there before I shrank and hosted it. In other words, this is not great, but it gives you the idea).

I also made this, just for the hell of it. I call it "Disco Saber"

(And Yes, I'm really that ugly.)


Anonymous said...

Great to see you again, though you are just a shadow. The backlighting effect does nothing for your complection.

Ace lightsabre, good luck to you & Sunny when your parents arrive.

Sunny - Don't worry, they're lovely. They'll be over the moon to see Paul and probably as nervous to meet you, as you are to meet them. I've only read yours & pauls blogs & I like you already - you'll be fine.

Totally understand how everything has to be perfect, I was exactly the same with my In-Laws - but they are coming to see you & Paul not to see whether your front door has been painted recently. your self...they'll love you.


OzzyC said...

That was cool... you really are a geek

mistyforeverlost said...

Alright, I know I am late reading this stuff, I know that I am just a small little pion who doesn't matter much...but I can't see the video! And it sounded pretty darn cool!


Paulius said...

Sorry, Misty, I can't help you. The videos are playing fine on my machine.

Just trying refreshing this page, give it a few minutes for the vids to load (if you're on dial up), then click on the video.

That should work...if not, you're not really missing much

MC Etcher said...

Neatly done! I'm going to totally spread this all over the internet.