Monday, April 03, 2006

An Explanation, Maybe?

You know what’s really weird?

Since my last post a few days ago, I found it almost impossible to think of anything to write. I tried to come up with something, but every time I finished a post, I’d think “Nah, no one would want to read that!” and delete it.

But here’s the weird part. Since my last post, I’ve noticed that nearly everyone on my favorite blogs list has either not published a new post, or has slowed down.

Thinking back, this happens a lot. Every time I get writer’s block, it seems all the blog authors I read regularly stop blogging also. Then we have a burst of creativity, and every blog I read publishes a new post.

I have a theory.

It’s an established medical fact that when a group of women spend a lot of time together, their ‘cycles’ start to align with each other (Meaning if you have a group of female friends, there’s one time of the month that you don’t want them at your house).

Could it be that we read each other’s blogs so much, our blogging ‘cycles’ have started to align?

Finally, an excuse for all the male bloggers out there to turn into monsters and bite their partner’s heads off once a month.

“Go away! It’s that time of the month! I’ve stopped menstruwriting!”


Miz S said...

Now THAT's A theory!!!!

You may be on to something, there Paulius!!!

MC Etcher said...

Ha ha ha! Great one!

OzzyC said...

Maybe I'm back from vacation. Let the writing flurry continue.

Kato said...

Ha, menstruwriting.