Sunday, December 04, 2005

Frostbite Took My Fingers

It’s true that a lot of people take the piss about British weather. You know, the cold, the rain, the fact you only actually see the sun for about 2 months out of the year?

However, what can be said for British weather is that although it’s raining most of the time, it’s usually mild weather. In the summer, it’s warm, but not too hot. In the winter, it gets frigging cold, but not ‘stupid’ cold. We get wind and rain, but no tornados and typhoons. The best thing about British weather, however, is that you get about a month’s warning as the season changes slowly.

Not so in South Carolina. In winter time, it gets down as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and in summer it gets up to and above 100 degrees.

Basically, in Summer you slowly cook, and in winter, you freeze your ass off.

However, the absolute worst thing is that the seasons change with no warning whatsoever. For example, I’ve gone to bed in an 85 degree bedroom, with nothing but a thin cotton sheet, and woke up with it so cold, I could see my breath, and discovered, to my horror, that my body has frozen to the mattress.

The other way is worse though. You get into bed, you have your thick flannel sheets, an electric blanket, and huge comforter, and as many blankets as you can find piled up on the bed…and wake up to find that it’s now summer, and that you suddenly bear a startling resemblance to an extra-crispy chicken wing.

Anyway, this is old news, I’ve talked about this before. What I want to talk about today is something I’ve never understood.

Picture the scene. It’s the dead of summer, and it’s too hot to breathe. So you turn the air conditioning on, until you get the room to a nice comfortable 71 degrees farenheit. It’s great. You sit on your couch, wearing just your shorts and a t-shirt, and just enjoy it.

However, in winter, it’s freezing outside, so you turn the heating on. You’re sitting on your couch, wearing a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, your jeans and the thickest socks you own. When do you start to feel comfortable? When the temperature gets up to about 80 degrees...and you’re wearing all those heavy clothes.

That’s right, the temperature that was comfortable in summer, wearing shorts and t-shirt is far too cold in winter when you’re bundled up to the max.

Why is this?

How come every summer, I can’t wait for winter, when I’ll be comfortable? But then in winter, when I’m getting out of bed on a frosty morning, I can’t wait for summer to enjoy the heat?


Vicarious Living said...

Never satisfied are we? I'd like to move some place that has actual seasons. They don't even teach you about Fall and Spring in Florida schools.

Kato said...

Ah, someone who can feel my pain. :) Ohio is the same way--there is no gradual change, you are just suddenly thrust into another season without warning (I think we only have Summer and Winter, Fall and Spring are an urban legend).

Feel free to continue to bitch about it. I plan on doing so :)

MC Etcher said...

Mmn, perhaps the body has adjusted. Blood viscosity or some such...

jim said...

You big jessie!
Remember freezin your ass off on your thinly disguised lawn mower engine, thru that fine rain that soaks you thru (not to mention the wagons, cars & buses "flying" past you on the way to work to help drive the water into every orifice, nook & cranny).
I'll have you know we (Britain that is) recently had as much as 3 snowflakes fall in one day and the whole transport system broke down in chaos, people had to be rescued by the coastguards (and they were miles away from Blackpool), so I think you should count yourself lucky young man that you don't have to put up with that "filthy " weather any more.
Thats the reason Brits leave our fine country, they don't want to evolve gills.