Monday, February 21, 2011

Stupid car...

So, today, Sunny and I were debating on whether to get our car's cracked headlight lens fixed before we try to sell it.

It was going to be expensive, and he car's not worth much anyway, so I had a better idea.

As Jamie Hyneman once said: "When in doubt...C4."



Sunny said...

OMG- Paul- you and your special effects videos!!! We're trying to SELL the car!!!!


Paulius said...

Special effects?

Clearly you haven't been outside recently.

Sunny said...

(had it been the ASPIRE- I would have helped you SET the explosives.)

rayray said...


MC Etcher said...

Say, I've been wondering - how will you use all your U.S. purchased electronics overseas?

I remember when I lived in Germany as a kid, we had to use these huge brick-sized transformers for all our U.S. appliances.

Or does the UK use the same power as the U.S.?

Paulius said...

Most of the stuff we're bringing already use adapters that run on universal voltage (120v-240v) so all we need for those are regular old travel plugs so I can plug them into a British outlet.

The only things we're bringing that don't run on universal voltage are the mixer and my Nintendo DS... but you can buy exactly the same devices in the UK, so it's just a matter of buying the UK power supplies for them.