Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Missus is Weird

This morning, I got out of bed, showered, got dressed and was just sitting down at the computer to check my email when Sunny walked into the living room.

“You know,” Sunny said, “we’re moving at exactly the right time.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“You know the house at the top of the road?” she replied. “They’re tearing that down and building an auto shop, which means if we weren’t moving, we’d have a few weeks of construction to listen to… and then we’d have cars driving up and down all the time.”

My missus is weird.

You see, right now, we live at the back end of her mom’s property, a good quarter mile from the road and where this new auto shop is going to be. On the other hand, there’s a railroad less than 150 yards from our front door that crosses the back of the property.

Oh, and there’s a crossing about a half mile up the track, which means the trains blow their whistles as they pass the house.

So construction work and more traffic over a quarter mile from the house is a big deal…but the trains that almost make the house shake as they blow their whistles at 3am don’t bother her. In fact, that’s one of the things Sunny has said she’s actually going to miss when we move. She grew up on this property, and has somehow never managed to live out of earshot of the train tracks, so she’s going to ‘miss the trains’.

I just can’t get my head around anyone being anything other than delighted to finally move to somewhere where there’s not a 150db whistle every couple of hours.

I wonder if she’d miss it if I screamed at the top of my voice every two hours for a year or so, then stopped doing it.

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