Thursday, August 05, 2010

Way to go, Indonesia!

From BBC News:

"Hackers have managed to infiltrate an internal TV broadcast at Indonesia's parliament. Rather than seeing the expected political programming, staff there were subjected to 15 minutes of pornographic imagery.

The reason for the hack is unclear, but suspicion rests with plans to start blocking pornography on the Internet from August 11 causing a retaliation. ISPs have been told to implement the block, and this has no doubt spread anger amongst some citizens.

An apology has been issued by the deputy speaker of the House. But surely this shows that a block probably isn't going to stop pornography being downloaded in the country, and that such a block isn't wanted anyway."

I really hate censorship. Don't get me wrong, I've no problem with restricting inappropriate material from minors…but a nationwide internet porn ban?

Like most people, I hate being told what to do. I also really object to the idea of someone else imposing their morals and values on me. There's plenty of stuff on the internet and on TV that I find offensive and distasteful, but you know what I do? I don't watch it.

I think the thing I object to most is that this is a case of some random group of people, who think they know better than everyone else, deciding what other fully grown adults should be allowed to see. Excuse me, I'm an adult. I think I have the right to decide for myself what sorts of entertainment are appropriate for me.

Censorship is, and always will be, downright offensive to any sane person. Censorship is simply a small group of people saying that people in general are retarded morons who are so na├»ve and easily influenced that they don't have the basic common sense to distinguish real life from entertainment. When you're talking about a six or seven year old, I can see it. A young kid may see a stunt in a movie and injure themselves trying to recreate it. I credit adults with more sense… and for the few that don't, it's not the government's place to baby-sit them.

Censorship is telling people how to think and works on the assumption that a particular set of morals and values are the 'correct' ones…if you don't find that offensive, you've not understood it properly.

Of course, the whole thing is laughable. Trying to block porn on the internet would be like trying to dam the Amazon with a cinderblock and a couple of twigs.

If you don't like sex, violence or bad language in your media, that's perfectly fine and I respect that. In return, respect the fact I'm not an easily influenced moron who can't tell the difference between fiction and reality.


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