Monday, August 09, 2010

The Saga Finally Ends

Well, regular readers will remember my completely pissed-off post from a few months ago when my stepson, after turning up at our door at 3am with nowhere to go for about the hundredth time…and after us taking him in for the hundredth time, decided to leave the next day with my camera in his pocket.

The camera he took was the Nikon Coolpix Sunny had bought me just a few weeks earlier in order to replace the previous (far more expensive) Nikon he'd 'accidentally' taken from the house, the one he returned about a month later completely destroyed.

Well, today, Sunny went for breakfast with her sister, Nina… the one who's daughter Frank had gone to stay with when he left here with my camera…and long story short, one of Frank's friends had told Nina that Frank had loaned her 'his' camera, which turned out to me MY camera…and the friend, after hearing the story, returned the camera to Nina, who gave it to Sunny who gave it to me.

It's great to have my camera back, but in a way, it's actually made things worse with me…and has put the final nail in the coffin of Frank ever redeeming himself to me.

You see, to this day, Frank has sworn blind that he didn't take it. He's whined to anyone who'd listen that I was being totally unfair by blaming him, and even worse, decided to bitch to anyone who'd listen that Sunny was being totally wrong to take my side and sat and cried to people over the 'injustice' of us banning him from the house for something he 'obviously' didn't do.

The worst thing is I'd assumed that he'd already sold the camera. This may sound strange, but if he'd sold the camera because he was desperate for the money or to finance his drug problem, I'd still have been royally pissed, but I could have understood. As I said to Sunny this morning, if he'd turned up at the house, admitted he'd took it and apologized, I'd have still been royally pissed, but at least that would have won back a little bit of respect. If he'd been man enough to admit he'd made a mistake, I'd have been man enough to forgive him.

Instead, it turns out that after everything we've done for him (which trust me, is a lot), and after taking him in for the hundredth time when he had nowhere else to go, (purely through his own fault, I might add)…he didn't steal my camera because he was desperate and needed the money, he just took it because I was there and he wanted it. Like I said, I'd assumed he'd already sold it and therefore couldn't return it.

I figured if he'd already sold it, from his point of view there was no real reason for him to admit he'd taken it…and maybe that if he still had the camera, he'd have seen the amount of shit it had stirred up and returned it. Returning the camera is one thing, admitting he'd taken it empty handed is another.

All this time he could have brought it back… so it turns out a camera is way more important to him that his relationship with probably the two last people who thought he was worth anything. The fact he actually whined and complained to people about us 'wrongly accusing' him is just the icing on the cake.

Then, he lied to my face, lied to Sunny's face and lied everyone who'd listen about what a total cunt I was for blaming him.

Bear in mind that this is the guy I spent the last six years defending to people. The guy I got into blazing arguments about because I felt people weren't treating him fairly and automatically assumed the worst of him. The guy we gave money to. The guy we consistently took in. The guy who's wife and kids we took in and supported literally for years despite the fact we didn't really have the space or money to do so. Yeah, we went without a lot to help Frank. It was the norm for Sunny to work a 12 hour night shift, come home, drive his wife to work, drive him around all over the place, watch his kids…and after all that, he decided to steal from us.

Oh, and the camera wasn't the first time. So much stuff has gone missing from our house over the years, and Frank always escaped suspicion simply because I never in a million years thought he'd screw us over so badly while we were bending over backward to help him out.

Well, anyway…up until this morning, if Frank had decided to actually be a man, and had turned up here himself, admit what he did and apologized, he'd have won back a little bit of my respect and possibly worked his way off my shitlist.

Now, he's got no fucking chance.

Well, Karma has officially bit him on the ass with this one. With our move coming up, there's a lot of stuff I can't bring with me that I wouldn't get anywhere near my money back on if I sold it, things like my Xbox and 30+ games, my air rifle etc… so I was planning on just giving a lot of it to Frank. So, for the $300 camera he stole, that he doesn't even have anymore, the camera that's finally proven what a worthless piece of shit thief he is, he's screwed himself out of everything.

The funniest thing is I know for a fact that even with the camera back in my hands, filled with pictures of him, he'll still swear blind that he never took it.

Basically, he's just proven himself to me to be a liar, a thief, and worst of all in my book, a complete and total coward.

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