Thursday, June 21, 2007

Advertising Slogans That Weren't Thought Out #87

Midas, the brake and tire mechanics.

Their slogan is “Trust the Midas Touch”.

Midas and the ‘Midas Touch’, of course, coming from the legend of King Midas who made a wish that everything he touched would turn to gold. A wish that came true.

He soon discovered that he could no longer drink or eat anything because as soon as the food touched his lips it would turn to gold. Then he made the mistake of touching his wife and child, only to have them turn into golden statues.

In other words, the whole story of Midas is a cautionary morality tale that’s supposed to teach you that greed can be destructive, as well as to be ‘careful what you wish for’.

So basically, Midas’ ‘Trust the Midas Touch’, basically means “Greed is great!”

Awesome idea, guys!

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