Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yes, Son...That's What Videogames Where Like When I Was Your Age...

Stumbled upon this pic on the net, and had a nostalgia explosion:

Yep, that's the actual box art for Pro Wrestling on the Sega Master System. I actually owned this game.

No cover art by a famous talented artist, no commercial WWE Wresting Tie-in, no licensed "eyebrow raised" picture of 'The Rock', no Xbox Live additional content, no $60 price tag.

Sniff...I miss the good old days.

Oh wait. That game was shit, and the box art looks like a 2 year old drew it. Way to go Sega, no wonder you've all but crapped out of the video game business.


manda said...

DUDE I HAVE THAT FUCKING CONSOLE I'm trying to find the last cable to hook it up to my TV so I can play something like Penguin Mania and *someone's* GREAT ADVENTURES!
lol it's like Mario Brothers but cheaper!

and the Penguin game is just rolling around a penguin egg, it's great!!! LOL. I might actually have that game that you showed a picture of!...

Kato said...

My favorite has always been Demon Attack. How could you go wrong with spray-painted plastic dinosaurs?