Friday, March 30, 2007

New Kitty!

Yep, despite the fact I appear to have a certain…penchant, for aquiring pets that try to kill me, we’ve gone and done it again.

Unfortunately, Padme went missing and hasn’t been seen for a few months. (This isn’t as heartbreaking as you think, as at least five or six families in the area think they’re Padme’s owners). So chances are he’ll turn up in 6 months when he gets bored, or he’s found one of those crazy cat ladies who only buy gourmet cat food and have a filtered automatic water fountain instead of a cat bowl.

Anyway, long story short, someone Sunny works with has a cat that had an unexpected litter, so we took one of them off her hands. So we now have a new, 8 week old, pure-white longhair. I’ll post a picture tomorrow when it’s daylight and I can get a good picture.

On the upside, he’s one of those really sociable ‘dog-like’ cats who like to follow you around and actually play with you. In fact, while I was lying on the floor, he climbed onto my leg. As I tried to stand up, turning onto my front and pushing myself up, he decided to climb up to my shoulder “Shadow of the Colossus” style, and refused to get down…hanging on to my shoulder like a parrot, until he decided it would be much more interesting to spit at Buddy again.

Let’s just say it’s a good job that Buddy is used to cats.

Well, I now have a white long-haired cat, a high-backed leather desk chair that spins around…so all I need is a facial scar and sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads, and I’ll have the whole Bond Villain set.

1 comment:

Manda said...

Don't forget your very own mini-Paul who can get shot into the sky when his tall leather chair get's stuck and slung high.

And you should shave your cat then,
I want to shave my cat
she's a long hair god she's soo annoying with that damn hair.. .. ppl say she looks like a mop... Himalayan Persian is what I got..