Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Soul Patrol THIS, BITCH!

Ever have one of those days?

The night started off normally. A couple days ago, after seeing that really annoying Ford ad with Taylor Hicks (of American Idol fame) for the 8000th time. I decided to vent in a constructive way. I did a drawing I was fairly proud of. It was X-Men’s Wolverine knocking Taylor Hicks, what can only be described as, the fuck out.

To top it off, I added a speech bubble for Wolverine saying “Soul Patrol this, Bitch!”

I looked at it and smiled. The teeth flying from Taylor’s ‘short-bus grin’ mouth made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

So tonight, I scanned the picture, loaded it into illustrator and started inking. (For the interested, this is the computer equivalent of going over your lines with a calligraphic brush like they do for comic books).

Three hours later I had a work of art. Just following my pencils loosely and using it more as a guide than a finished piece, it was without doubt the best drawing I’d ever done. You know, mostly flukes that made it just so. The pencils I liked, but comparing it to the inks, it was like comparing the schematics of the Empire State Building with the actual building. The schematics are impressive, but you only get a real sense of the place when you stand outside it and look up. The pencils give you an idea of what I was going for…the inks where what I actually wanted to show.

I was especially proud of the hair. Usually, I can’t draw hair worth a crap, but somehow, this hair looked so real, it was almost touchable. I didn’t need to explain it. It was obviously Wolverine, and that was undoubtedly Taylor Hicks…even without the speech bubble.

Then…my computer froze.


It’s not just the three hours that was wasted, it’s the fact that no matter how hard I try, I’ll never get it to look that way again. It’s like writing a book, losing it, and having to start again from scratch. Sure, you’ll have the same story, but it won’t be the same…or as good..

For those that are interested, you can see the pencils here. As I said, it’s absolutely crap next to the version I lost, but it’ll give you an idea. (It’s also missing a lot of special effects like the ‘whoosh’ lines on wolverine’s fists…but I almost lost the will to live, and can’t face doing this one gain). Click the picture for a bigger version, and feel free to look around my gallery.

Oh, then I attempted to download a 500mb game demo three times. Then, when I finally got it and installed it…I ran it, and it locked up. As usual, I got a really helpful box offering to tell Microsoft about it. Why not tell me about it, you assholes!

And on that note, I’m going to bed.


rayray said...

I checked out your pencil sketch.
Very nice! You've definately got some talent goin for ya!

I'm curious, though, to know in your final drawing if you worked in some slash marks on poor Mr. Hicks.

It's a bit of constructive critism I know, but, I'd think if Wolvie hit someone as hard as you have him hitting Taylor with his claws out, there'd be some tell-tale signs, nes pah?

I know I couldn't do any better in the drawing aspect, so don't take what I said to heart.

Looking forward to more artwork!

rayray said...

btw:If you are interested in seeing another artist's work, check out
I've been watching his site for some time now and he goes from political to just everyday occurances.

Paulius said...

No, no slash marks, but a good spout of blood coming from the jugular region.

Like I said, I usually do all the 'special effects' in photoshop. The 'whoosh' lines behind wolvie's fist, the 'Pow' flash where it hits.

Blood doesn't look right 'inked'. You need to airbrush it to make it look right.

Oh, and don't worry about the criticism. The more the better.

if you want to see more artwork, you can see the rest of my gallery by following the link to the wolvie sketch, then clicking 'paulius1981's gallery' on the left.

I particularly proud of my supergirl picture.