Friday, August 25, 2006


Ever get that feeling you’re being purposefully dicked with, and have no idea why?

Regular readers will know my present job situation. IE: That I don’t have one, and I’m having difficulty finding one.

Well this past Tuesday, Sunny and I were out paying bills and doing our weekly shopping. We stopped at the Dollar General for dog food, and as usual, I popped into the EB Games next door.

On my way in, I noticed the ‘Now Hiring’ sign.

Now just to be clear here, a retail job is about as attractive to me as getting root canal surgery, without anesthetic, by a McDonalds employee on acid.

However, at this point, I look at it this way. It’s a job. It pays money. I can do it. If nothing else, it would bring in a bit of extra cash while I continue looking for a ‘real’ job.

So I spoke to the guy behind the counter:

“Hello.” I said. “The sign on your door says you’re hiring. Can I have an application form please?”

“I’m Sorry.” He said. “We don’t have any right now.”

I waited for a few seconds…waiting to see if he’d actually have the brains to tell me when they’d have some. He didn’t.

“Uhh, so when will you have some?”


“Thank you.”

I turn up on Wednesday, and I get the same answer. I turn up on Thursday. They’ll definitely have some on Friday.

Guess what? They didn’t!

So today, as you can imagine, today I’m feeling a little frustrated. I can understand the difficulty in getting an actual job, but this much difficulty getting an application form? Having to spend the gas money to drive to the same place four times, and being told to come back tomorrow every time really gets on my nerves.

Well, my mood picked up later on when I found a letter from Clemson University’s human resources department in my mailbox. Finally! Maybe I’ll get an interview!

I open it up, and find a very nice letter letting me know that from the end of September, Clemson University will no longer be accepting paper applications, and will only accept digital applications over the internet. However, all paper applications received before the end of September will still be accepted.

Ummm. So? It’s August. My application is already in.

Why did they feel the need to tell me this? I applied for a job with them over 6 weeks ago. I haven’t heard a thing back from them. Why do I need to know this? In case I decide to apply for the same job again?

At this point, I’m just waiting to get an interview, be told I have the job…only to turn up on the first day and have everyone laugh and tell me it was all a ‘joke’.

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