Thursday, August 02, 2012

First Digital Painting Ever.

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So, I'm taking some time off work, so I took the opportunity today to do some drawing/painting.

I recently got a new graphics pad, (a Wacom Bamboo), and it came with a bit of software called 'Artrage 3'. It's a bit of a weird program. It's a pretty full featured art package, but I'd describe it more as a painting 'simulator'.

Unlike photoshop, it's just like painting on canvas. The paint will stay 'wet', the colors will mix on the canvas and it's a hell of a lot like traditional painting.Unfortunately, I suck at traditional painting and the interface was hard to get used to after years of photoshop.

Well, anyway, I played around with it for a couple of hours today and the above is the result.

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Roopam Poddar said...

pretty good, i'll say.