Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Well...I entered Nanowrimo this year.

I have a strange relationship with writing. My hard drive is literally littered with half finished short stories, novels...even the odd script or screenplay.

My problem is I have the attention span of a kitten on speed. I get an idea, get really excited about it, spend a few feverish days mashing out thousands of words...then I completely lose interest in the idea and my amazing novel lies unfinished on my hard drive.

I'll watch Lord of the Rings and start to write a fantasy epic, which is fine until I see a sci-fi movie, or have a conversation about the paranormal and decide I don't want to write a fantasy epic any more...I want to write this awesome Sci-Fi adventure or this really cool horror story.

I thought that Nanowrimo might actually force me to finish something.

The problem is the word count. I don't like to write shooting for a particular number of words, I like to write a story until the story is complete...and this has me in a bit of a conundrum.

After finishing the first five and a half thousand words over the past two days, I'm starting to wonder if this story will make it to fifty thousand. If it doesn't, what do I do? If I'm 500 words under, do I add a superfluous scene to pad it out?What about the editting/redrafting process. What if I'm over fifty thousand, but cutting something I don't like means dropping under the magic figure?

Oh well, I guess the whole thing will be an experience at least.

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