Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Mini Painting

No step by step this time, I had enough to concentrate on.

It was only when I got this mini home and out of the packaging that I realised just how complicated it was. He's a mess of straps and small details. It also took some creativity because when I was working out a color scheme, I realised just how few colors I had in my kit.

Obviously, he's a dwarf, so I wanted earth tones, but I quickly discovered that, with the colors I have available, he'd be nothing but shades of brown. So to get around it, I used bright blue for his tunic and the almost radioactive green I had for his cape, but then covered both in a very dark brown wash. It helped build up some contrast so he didn't look like a brown blob, but kept everything 'earthy'.

Also, extensive use of dry brushing really helped bring out the details.

To be honest, this was a really difficult model to paint, and way past my skill level. I'm sure there are examples of this mini out there that make mine look like crap...but I was relatively pleased with the result.

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