Thursday, March 09, 2006

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My house is slowly turning into a zoo.

About a month ago, we had just one animal (not counting the fish), namely Padme, the Cat.

Right now, there are four animals hanging about the house. Let me give you the time line.

When I first arrived in America, Sunny already had Malibu, a Maine Coon Cat. For a while, she was the most loving, fun cat you could ever hope for. Then, in the space of a day, she changed.

Basically, she took to sleeping in her (full) litter box. We had her food and litter box set up in the back bathroom that we never used. She never left that room, but she’d pop her head around the door and yowl every time she could see the bottom of her food bowl….that’s right, not when it was empty, but when she could see the bottom.

Then, a couple weeks later, she darted outside, and refused to come back in. My stepdaughter moved in across the way, and Malibu decided to take up residence on her back porch, and lived off all her leftovers.

Then a pregnant cat took up residence on my stepson’s back porch, and gave birth. Unfortunately, the kittens took to sleeping in the wheel-wells of his car, and quite a few of them ended up getting crunched.

Finally, there was only one left, so my stepson asked if we wanted it. Padme entered the household.

Then Buddy turned up on the doorstep…and began his reign of stealth-pooping terror.

Then, a couple days ago, my step-daughter moved away, meaning Malibu, and her unidentified kitty pal have took up residence on our doorstep.

You see, that’s a habit of Malibu’s. She leaves the property for hours at a time, and returns with other strays in tow.

From one cat to one dog and three cats in the space of a month.


MC Etcher said...

Hmn - there's only one thing to do. Hang a sign that says "Petting Zoo" and start selling tickets.

Kato said...

Or train them to be your unholy furry army.