Friday, April 08, 2011

Diabetes and Suits

Well, it turns out that the diet and exercise has paid off.

Last Monday I went to the doctor’s office to get some bloodwork done to check on my diabetes…and it turns out that I don’t have diabetes any more. After all the work I put into getting in shape, I was half expecting them to say I didn’t need meds anymore and could control it with diet and exercise… but this was way better than expected.

I can actually have orange juice with breakfast now! I bloody love orange juice but had to avoid it like the plague because it was so high in fructose.

Anyway, I don’t think the ‘all clear’ will actually change many of my habits. One of the things about having diabetes is that you get a crash course in just how much sugar and calories is in everything. Just by swapping regular soda for diet and swapping sugar for splenda in tea and coffee, I managed to cut nearly 700 calories from my daily intake.

Yes, I no longer have diabetes…but I’m still a bit of a fat bastard.

In fact, I absolutely fucking hate my body shape.

Shortly after getting back to the UK, I went to buy a suit for job interviews, etc… and quickly discovered nothing ‘off the peg’ would fit me… and not just because I’m a bit fat.

For example, to get a suit jacket that fits my shoulders and arms, I had to special order a jacket to fit a 52” chest (the largest size most stores stock is 48”)… but while that fits my shoulders and arms perfectly, the ‘gut’ of the jacket is just way too big. Put simply, it turns out that people who make suits expect people with 52” chests to have at least 50” waists.

The trousers aren’t that easy to get either. I essentially have a choice: I can buy a pair of pants that are way too tight around my legs but fit my waist perfectly…or trousers that fit my legs perfectly, but are about 4” too big around the waist.

Long story short, no matter what I do, I always look like a kid who borrowed his dad’s suit.

Oh well, at least I can drink orange juice again.


Anonymous said...

Hello there! A lurker comes out of the shadows... because I don't really like lurking around. It feels like stalking.

Anyway, I've been reading your blog and I enjoy it very much, browsing through the archives and nodding and laughing. Thank you for some time well spent.

Now, congrats on your newfound diabetes-free life. I didn't even know diabetes works that way, but hey, I won't file any complaints.

Although I can't exactly relate to having a lifestyle defined by diabetes I do feel with you regarding conflicting measurements. I cannot find anything, ever, that fits on every body part. Sometimes I feel like a mutant who had been an alien all along to begin with.

Well then, another post of smiling and agreeing and having fun for some minutes. Yay.

Paulius said...

Thank you very much!

Hope you keep enjoying the blog and thanks for reading!

Woman atop her Soapbox said...

Glad you are back in your homeland and adjusting. Do they make "athletic cut" suits there? They are cut wider in the shoulders and taper in at the waist.

Awesome on the diabetes. That is quite an accomplishment.