Sunday, January 23, 2011

Turning 30

As of eight minutes ago, I am officially 30 years old.

Like many, as a child, I assumed that at some point ‘Adulthood’ would kick in and I’d start shouting at people for leaving lights on in unoccupied rooms, become concerned with the thermostat and suddenly know what a ‘distributer cap’ is.

Like many, I also discovered that no matter how old you get, you always feel like you’re somewhere around fourteen… and feel amazed when you’re trusted with any sort of grown-up responsibility.

For example, at fourteen I assumed that when I turned 30, I’d be spending a lot less time thinking about Batman. This is not the case.

I take special pleasure in the fact that while my internal odometer clicked over from twenty-nine to thirty, I was watching Star Wars while playing Super Mario Bros. on my DS.

At some point, everyone has to become an adult.

Becoming a grown-up is strictly optional.


Sunny said...

Those last words will someday come back to haunt you......

Evan 08 said...

Happy Birthday. Now... shouldn't you be cleaning the gutters or something? Or, better yet, the word verification of the day is "dishking." Maybe this means that you should be in the kitchen, cleaning the contents of the dirty sink.

Woman atop her Soapbox said...

Happy Birthday.

Seems we have all had the misconception that growing up means we can no longer play or have fun just for funs sake. Enjoy the movies and the games! It's the fabric of life!


Anonymous said...

Hope the rest of the B-day was just as fun....