Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Pointless Sequels.

So, I'm sitting here on my couch watching 'The Final Destination'.

Has a more pointless sequel ever been made?

The first movie was pretty cool. A guy has a vision of himself and a bunch of friends dying.He prevents it from happening, then discovers everyone who 'escaped' is dying anyway in the order they would have died had they never escaped the original accident.

This is the fourth in the series, and you know what? They're all the exact same fucking movie. I mean every single movie has an absolutely identical plot. There are no twists, nothing new...it's literally the same movie with different actors.

What's the point?

It's like the Saw movies. The first was a really, really cool movie. The plot was amazing, there were a few really good twists and an ending I didn't see coming.

Then, the sequels came out, and they completely forgot about actually telling a story and we have five sequels that are basically torture porn.

I think it's safe to say that creativity in the movie industry is as dead as a doornail.

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