Saturday, December 16, 2006

Perfection? I don't THINK so!

So I spend a few hours today trying to set this shit up, and get absolutely nowhere.

This pissed me off immensely. I paid for my own private network, so I damn sure as hell am going to get one!

Now this may not seem like such a “perfectionist” issue to many of you. After all, it’s just trying to get something to work as advertised.

But, here’s the thing:

I have absolutely no use whatsoever for a private network. If this was a new laptop, sure I’d wanna use it. My own personal LAN and a couple copies of Battlefield 2? Sign me up for that shit!

The two uses I’d have for a personal network would be sharing the printer and transferring the odd file.

The other big thing is I can already transfer files anyway. Either just email it to myself, or be even quicker and easier by using my USB flash drive.

Printing? Hmmm, this network only works within the actual house. In other words, I want it set up so I can print from my laptop, instead of having to walk the 10 feet to the desktop computer and turn it on.

So basically, thanks to a “perfectionist” nature, I really, really want something I don’t actually need…and I won’t give up until I get it.

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