Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"The Lost Post" or "MS Word Sucks Big Fat Donkey Balls"

Here I sit, broken hearted,
Tried to blog and got it started,
Halfway through the comp got stuck.
So with a loud voice, I shouted “FUCK!”

Breathing slow, to find my center
tried not to get mad while pressing ‘enter’
My post was gone, not sign of it,
So with a loud voice, I shouted: “SHIT!”

The post is gone, not coming back
I wanna hit the comp with bricks in a sack
I start to realize what I want to do
Give Bill Gates the finger, and a big “FUCK YOU!”


Saffyre said...

Yep, Microsoft is the source of all computer evil.
I hate when that happens, but if you want me to made about it then you shoudn't write funny poems....I can't not giggle at them!

Marie said...

Stick with writing stories...altough i have to admit it is quite catchy.

AmeliaGrace said...

This made me laugh, senor.